Matthew Walker – Writing

Matthew Walker


When we are young our parents tell us “ you can do anything that you can put your mind to”, but as we get older we break down that quote. Now it is understood as “motivation is the key to your dreams”. The quote illustrates that anything is possible with motivation. Everyone dreams to be successful in life but without the motivation to take those first steps, it will only be a dream. We see successful people every day in our own lives, your parents can be the most successful person you know. Then you wonder “what’s their motivation”, “what drives them to be this successful”. You go on to figure out the answer is you, but the key is she found something or someone that is worth the sacrifice to be successful. There are thousands of stories of people who used their motivation to change lifestyle. Meek Mill, a successful African American rapper, who used his motivation to change his situation is the slums to mansions and riches. People who use their motivations to achieve their dreams will become successful because nothing takes too much time to them, everything towards their dream is worth the sacrifice. 


As students, we either fail to find our motivation or to act upon it. We all have something we want to change but we become lazy and we come complacent to our current situation. This essay is a great example of how we say we are going to complete this to the best of our ability but wait last minute and rush through it. Us as students go through highschool like this and go on with our life’s just like that. Others have used their motivations/ dreams to take the extra step to be successful. Students who don’t play around in school or disrespect their teachers because they know if they don’t get a scholarship and leave, they would become another statistic. The motivation can come from anywhere it just has to mean something to the student. Students find their motivation in their homes, with five-plus siblings or in their neighborhood where there was another murder in the same week. It’s only up to the person to use this as motivation and take those steps because they are the only person who can motivate themselves. Teachers use this philosophy to force students to push themselves because not everything is going to come to us. We have to open the doors to new opportunities. We as students must see that things aren’t going to be easy for us anymore and we have to use the motivation to move forward. College is a great example of self-motivation, where if you don’t motivate yourself you will fall off and not succeed. Professors would not care if you do not do your homework, only you can help yourself succeed. I believe in motivation is the key to our dreams but you must use that motivation to turn those dreams into reality.