How many hours to you spend online? What are you doing there? Who knows you are there and can track what
you are doing? It seems so normal to “Ask Siri” (or Alexa, or a host of other internet “guides” and “helpers”) that we don’t even think about it. Google is now a verb as well as a noun. Maybe you use Duck-Duck-Go to search the internet so your search histories can’t be tracked. Maybe you use a false name online. Maybe you should. Or maybe it is too late to think about what is already out there and time to start thinking about how to manage your “brand” online and shape the way people see you. In this mini-course we will explore some of the costs and benefits afforded by the Internet and ways to curate an online presence. You will learn to use a website authoring tool, WordPress, and a few basics of html coding to create your own website that showcases the work you do this summer in your photography, biology, and writing courses. These websites will be password protected until you wish to share them (and we will talk about that, too). While this doesn’t change what is already “out there,” it does give you the tools to manage and start shaping and taking control of your online identity.

Drew University Summer College 2019

This photograph from 1905 depicts a beach scene at Coney Island.

Courtesy NYPL Digital Collections