Lily – Writing

The Fault in my Thoughts

       It was the summer of 2018 that I first arrived at Drew University. I was there with my best friend Candyce and my two other friends Juan and Adrian. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. There was a stifling heat that alarmed me which led to my minimal clothing. My mother had forced me to buy a lot of snacks for the bus ride even though it was only an hour long. However, those snacks proved to be useful later on throughout the week. After waiting an
hour for the HEAF staff to finally arrive, we marched on our humid coach bus with our luggage. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t all excited about the trip. My adrenaline was not rushing and I wasn’t all that elated as from days prior I anticipated I would be. But it was what it was and it was time to board. In summary, the bus ride was full of noise and the screams of “ratchet” teenagers from Brooklyn which led me to believe the worse. My best friend and I sung the
“Campfire Song” from Spongebob, we played UNO, and attempted to take naps.
After we arrived and unloaded everything, there was a crowd of people ready to
welcome us like we were the visiting team at their home stadium. They were very welcoming with their smiles and all but that did not alleviate the stifling heat. I wanted to get to my room as quick as possible because I did not know if I could really handle it any longer but we finally started dragging our things to the building.

     The first thing that caught my eye when we arrived was the building’s ancient aroma lurking through the halls. I was very happy to hear that I was dorming with my best friend of course. They announced that we had 10 minutes to unload our things and settle in the dorms. I was surprised to find out that we each had our own key and name tag that we had to carry around us at all times and if we were to lose that key we would have to pay a fine; that, in my opinion, sounded absurd to me since I am known for not being the most responsible person when it comes to small objects. I tried not to think about it.

       Once we walked into our suites and unpacked it was just about time before they called us out of rooms to meet our mentors… hurray?! Relieved out of my mind, I had the nicest mostrelatable mentor I thought I could ever have- Aurie. She was super sweet, talkative (in a positive sense), and always sounded so intelligent when she spoke; she reminded me a lot of my sister which made me feel really happy and kind of at home. Throughout the week she helped me settle in, answered my most bazaar questions, and fed me all sorts of knowledge that would peak my interest. In my suite were 3 “ratchet” Brooklyn teenagers. I felt so ignorant to judge them at first because as time went by, I bought in to their hilarious jokes aided by their grotesque behavior in and out of class. I even became friends with some of them. So, overall, the Drew University Summer College Program taught me more about the people around me than the university itself. It was the personal relationships that I built throughout the experience that led me to enjoy it; of course, I did still enjoy Kaitlyn’s brilliant lecture on the sociology of gender so much that I shared it with my family when I returned from the trip!