Alejandro Martinez – Writing

Alejandro Martinez



Drew University is a beautiful campus with a lot of spooks and scars and one of the main attractions being Mead Hall. The president of the campus lives and sleeps there and a lot of famous people stay there. That place is SUPER haunted with a ghost inside lurking around in there. I found interesting and so I went when there when there was sun so that the ghost couldn’t come out and haunt me. At night there are creepy paintings that feel like there following your every move, but in the daylight the paintings are actually really pretty with great detail and the scary factor goes away so you can enjoy the painting. Mead Hall is also pretty big with a second floor that contains multiple rooms that have now turned into offices. The view is great from up there allowing you to see most of the campus above the trees. It also has paintings of its own, who are also super creepy. On the outside it is as beautiful as it is surrounded by big white pillars and a beautiful fresh cut lawn. You can also see a connecting building which looks a lot more modern.  It also has many more uses such as hosting fancy events. . Mead Hall is scary place but if seen in daylight it is amazing building with great history and art for everyone to witness.