Jonas Leon – Photo

Two Sides of Me

The Picture that is presented shows me sitting at a desk while my reflection is shining off the table. It seems to look as if there is two different emotions, one serious and one shocked.

Figure 8 tree

I call this picture the Figure 8 tree because the way that the branches on the tree go different ways and how they curve around in different ways

Why So Serious

I tried to capture the background but to make sure that I am the center of attention

Don't Step on MEad

I took a picture here because I felt that the background was perfect for the day. With the grey sky to push the color of the building behind.


I decided to take this picture because i felt that this picture conveys and gives me a calm gentle feeling. I also am fascinated with what you can do with bark.


This picture looks like a huge spider with a whole lot of legs sticking up.

Down the set

This is a beautiful view of the end of a soccer field

Between the uprights

This picture is a sunset that was between two trees. This reminded me of football when the kicker kicks between the goal for the extra point or two points.