Adewale Fasanmi – Writing


In my initial encounter with Drew University, I felt extremely uncomfortable being away from home for such time. My mother was excited for the trip, but I wasn’t because I knew I would miss her greatly. As we packed my stuff together, she was telling me how much fun I would have on the trip and how I would make tons of friends. Meanwhile, I was scared to get out of my comfort zone and experience college for the first time. The next morning, I was being lazy due to the fact that I was trying to cherish the time I had left in my comfortable house. However, that time didn’t last long, as I left my house an hour and 45 minutes early to get there on time and not miss the bus. I was waiting for the train and my mom looked at me with a proud gaze, and she said, “ I know you are scared and nervous, but I am proud of you and the man you are becoming.” Those words helped ease my nerves a lot, but I was still concerned about how I would meet new people and come out of my shell. I’m not necessarily an outgoing person because I like to stay in my shell and not be adventurous. But, on this trip I would try to be outgoing and funny while still being myself. 

We boarded the bus and I take a look at everyone I would embark on this journey with. I knew 5 of them from school and HEAF, but everyone else was complete strangers to me. I didn’t introduce myself to anyone, simply because I just felt comfortable with the people I knew. The ride was short, and we were at the Drew campus in no time. I saw the big trees and the wilderness in the distance and realized that I am not close to home anymore, and this isn’t my comfort zone. The Drew mentors welcomed us off the bus and made us instantly feel comfortable. They took our bags, introduced themselves, and brought us to our suites. We had dinner after we unpacked, and then I met my mentor. He made me fill out a survey and then I had a brief interview with him. We started talking and I had never opened up to a stranger like that ever before. I felt as if I was pouring out a weight of stress that has never been exposed. We were talking about family, ambitions, experiences, and other very personal things. 

After that talk, I instantly felt more comfortable. I felt as if I had people who care about me and who appreciate my thoughts. From that point on, I felt like I am in a safe place. I like this experience, and I appreciate my mentors. They are giving up their summer to spend time with me and give me the best experience to prepare me for my future. 

Drew is a great school with many opportunities for their students. I have sat through many of classes and I have seen that the teachers are extremely interested in their students, and they hold vibrant classes to keep their students awake and interested. I have greatly enjoyed my environmental class because it interests me and the teacher’s charisma is amazing. I also like the writing class, because I love to write and it challenges my abilities. The after-class activities are fun too, I enjoy being in the gym, playing basketball, or talking to my mentor about deep conversations. This experience is one that I will remember when I apply for this school.