Nuri Brown – Writing

Drew University 

It all started off by me arriving on the school cheese bus. At first I was nervous and constantly kept thinking about how hard it will be for me to walk up and down the campus of Drew University. Moments later we arrived. We then met our mentors, who I thought were going to be awkward as hell. We started walking to our dorms where i found very hard because of the crutches were slowing me down. I couldn’t move up the hill and up the stairs. So I figured to just give up from there. It was so exhausting, it was like I was doing an extreme workout. Thoughts were running in my head saying “ I want to kill myself “ “ I don’t want to do this anymore already “ . No I am not suicidal , I’m joking around. I always say unnecessary things when I’m in a messed up situation.

 Ayss, one of the mentors said I could move to first floor, which was one flight down the stairs . It was scary, it’s like I felt someone else presence in the room even though I was alone and had no one to bother nor talk too. I didn’t think I could do it but Im a man so I had too. Overall the first day was fun. We ended up touring around , doing group activities and getting to know each other. There were only two downsides. One I had to struggle getting around with my crunches, which was so difficult and annoying. On top of that the food at the columns were so disgusting. They served us dry noodles with some sauce that didn’t taste like organic tomato sauce. 

Overall I guess the day was exciting. It felt good knowing Im going have a college experience for the new two weeks. Now here’s the horrible part about being at the dorms, there was no tv for me to watch or for me to play playstation 4. Being alone my first night was so nervewrecking It was to the point where I had to Facetime Courtney. Being on the phone with her was frustrating, every 5 minutes she kept laughing and joking at me for walking around with one foot and me being scared in my dorm. After a while I just let it happen because I needed someone at this point. Then it hit me like a light bulb that turned on. I thought of asking julian if you can bunk with me because he was suppose to be my original roommate in the first place. Thank god Wendy and the other mentors let me him stay because I didn’t even think I would’ve been able to sleep at night. I ended up going to sleep at 12 o’clock, which wasn’t that bad. 

My first day wasn’t that bad luckily instead of me walking around the campus with crutches, Wendy offered to drive me to around the campus everyday tillI got better. It was quite embarrassing because I had to deal with coming to class late. I hated it because people kept looking at me and kept joking around with me. Not even that but sometimes the teachers would looking at me and laugh. It made me feel nervous and ridiculous. I could just smell the people ready to be on my ass already. I mentally wasn’t prepared for it. But I’m a young man I had to deal with it so dealt with it.  Eventually I got use to it. 

Day by day by left ankle started to improve, I knew I would get well sooner or later. I was able to put pressure on my foot and move it just a little bit. By the fourth day I was surprisingly able to walk around. It was a miracle. I never thought the day wouldn’t come. Everyone was excited for me to start walking. Only thing about it was that I was limping for a little bit. So that’s how my Drew experience has been with crunches.